Why Build a Timber Frame Home?

They are visually appealing and there are different cladding styles that you choose from to satisfy your taste.
The homes can be built in a much shorter time than the conventional brick and mortar homes.
Well insulated with the result that they are conserving energy better. In winter the homes feel warm and yet in remains relatively cool in summer. Therefore saving money on electricity bills.
Easy to build on sloping plots, saving you money on expensive reinforced concrete foundations and retaining walls that are normally associated with excavation and filling.
Tolerant to movement in soils with high clay content again saving you money on reinforced concrete foundations.
Flexibility in the design. Most of the time the house is built on a platform, internal and external changes can easily be made even at a later stage.

What about the fire hazard?

As stated by the South African Standard Code of Practise for Timber Buildings – SANS10082 refers to the safeguarding against the spread of fire.

Do municipalities accept timber frame construction?

To date all applications has also been accepted by local authorities, the only exception will be title deed restrictions and property developer’s requirements.

Will a bank finance my timber home?

Yes. The timber frame building system is an approved system by all financial and insurance institutions. The Timber Frame Builders Association will also assist you with any difficulty.

How durable are timber homes?

Examples of timber homes are found that were built more than a century ago. With today’s timber treatments a timber home will last indefinitely.

What type of foundations are used?

Columns with pine bases are more popular, especially for slopes and the fact that it can be utilised as a garage or additional room. Alternatively concrete slabs are used.


  1. Cecilia Johnstone 9 years ago

    Good day, we would like to extend our house and would like to know if this can be done using wood and would building plans be required? Please email me at the address stated above. We are situated in Polokwane.

  2. tsitsi moloto 9 years ago

    i would like to construct a timber restuarant and i just want to know if you do sell plans as well

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